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Mortgage Loans – Looking for a new home? We offer a diverse menu of mortgages served fresh every day…fixed rate or adjustable to suit your financial and personal needs. We offer…Family

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Fixed Rate Mortgages

Our most popular loan product offers our customers a fixed rate and principal and interest payment over the life of the loan. This enables homebuyers the opportunity to find the home of their dreams and fit it within their budget. Total interest paid on the loan will be determined by the term of the loan. Please see our rates page for terms and great rates available.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)

Lincoln 1st Bank offers an Adjustable Rate Mortgage program in terms of 5 and 7 years. Contact a Lincoln 1st representative to discuss the potential benefits or risks of an adjustable rate mortgage to determine if this product is right for you.

Apply Online

Lincoln 1st offers the convenience of applying online through our Secure Forms application for one of our Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate mortgage products. Apply now by clicking below.

Mortgage Application *

Just starting your new home search and need a pre-qualification letter? We also offer pre-qualification applications to help you begin searching for the home of your dreams.

Mortgage Pre-qualification Request *

*Completed loan applications that are submitted after 5:00 PM, on weekends, and on Federal Bank Holidays are deemed to have been received by the Bank on the  next business day. Lincoln 1st Bank accepts loan applications for Individuals, Businesses, and real estate financing located in the State of New Jersey.     

 Please visit our rates page or contact a Lincoln 1st representative for additional fixed and adjustable rate mortgage product options and information.