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Small Business & Commercial Loans

Commercial LoansSmall Business

Does your business have seasonal cash needs? Or need inventory financing? Make it happen today at Lincoln 1st where we excel at meeting your business’s needs. As a community bank we can offer various options to help accommodate your financial goals and keep your business growing.

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*Lincoln 1st Bank accepts loan applications for Individuals, Businesses, and real estate financing located in the State of New Jersey.

Lines of Credit

The solution for short term borrowing needs. Lines of Credit provide funds to: alleviate cash flow shortage, finance receivables, purchase inventory, or take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Term Loans

Secured and unsecured loans for vehicles, equipment, or additional working capital, at a fixed interest rate.

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Lincoln 1st Bank is known for providing property owners, builders, and investors with commercial mortgages and construction loans. Our terms and pricing are flexible.

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