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Business Checking

Small Business

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FREE Premium Business Checking & Savings Package

No minimum balance requirements, no per item fees, high interest rates and much more to help you grow and maintain your business. This unique package is offered to our business customers that maintain both the Premium Business Checking AND Premium Business Savings Accounts. With this package you will be able to sweep excess funds from your checking up to your savings to maximize earnings via a tiered rate plan where the more you have the more you earn. See below for details.

Free Premium Business Checking

Premium Business Savings


NOW Business Checking

The perfect product to help your sole proprietorship or eligible small business earn interest, while managing your everyday business activities.

Business Checking

While you take care of your business, Lincoln 1st will take care of your account with our business checking product.

Business MasterCard Check/Debit Card

Access your accounts for cash or use as a Point of Sale (POS) for purchasing power whether entertaining clients or to handle everyday business expenses without the hassle of cash or check. POS transactions will draw directly from your account’s available funds eliminating monthly credit card bills.


Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts are available. Contact a representative today for details and information on opening your account.

Please call a Lincoln 1st representative for any additional fees and services related to our products.